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Collection: Men's Leather Jackets

Leather is usually the preferred material for motorcycle gear. It is durable, protective, and can be crafted into a number of different styles. Most riders, especially those who prefer classic motorcycles, like leather motorcycle clothing because there is something classic and iconic about the way that it looks and the way that it functions. While it can make riding in the summer a sweaty affair, those who opt for leather motorcycle gear know that it will protect their arms and legs from the asphalt if they were ever to fall off their bike.

Specializing in Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets for 10 years has allowed us to provide you with the best selection of Motorcycle Jackets including all the major brands and their latest styles. No matter what you ride, BFR has the jacket for you… from Classic Style Motorcycle Jackets that scream vintage and retro to Modern Leather Jackets featuring the latest in armor padding and protection, you’re sure to find a Motorcycle Jacket to suit your style and riding needs.